TMAA Basics

What is TMAA?

The Team Member Activity Association is a not-for-profit organization that coordinates and underwrites social and recreational activities for team members and their families.  TMAA fosters a spirit of togetherness among team members.

TMAA is funded by membership dues; dues are currently $13 annually.  Realizing the value of a cohesive team that works together and plays together, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana, also supports TMAA by contributing $1 for every 50 cents of membership dues collected.

 How to Join

Simply fill out a payroll deduction form for the membership dues of only 50 cents per pay period.  Upon joining, you will receive a TMAA membership card and validation sticker,

Activities & Events

TMAA sponsors a variety of activities and events for members and, in many cases, their families.  Annual events have included the Easter Egg Hunt, Swim Night, Fall Family Day, professional sports games and ever-popular NASCAR races.

TMAA also sponsors clubs and leagues like the Bass Fishing Club, which holds several tournaments throughout the year and the Archery Club.  There are also leagues like soccer, golf, basketball and softball.  Don’t see anything that interests you?  Consider starting your own club or league.

TMAA wants team members to suggest or even coordinate clubs or activities that interest them.  To suggest an activity, event or club, fill out an Activity Interest Form.  Forms are available by contacting any TMAA executive committee member.

Member Discounts

TMAA members are eligible for discounts from a variety of local and even national merchants. To take advantage of these discounts, team members must present their validated TMAA membership card, and in some cases their TMMI ID badge, to the vendor.  Savings are offered at theme parks, movie theaters, restaurants, retail stores, fitness centers, florists, jewelers, and many more locations.  Check the TMAA newsletter for the latest discounts not published in the coupon booklet.

Discount Offers

If you would like to offer a discount or obtain a discount for one of your favorite establishments, complete or provide the business representative with a TMAA Discount Form, available through the TMAA Secretary or a TMAA executive committee member.  Forms should be submitted to the TMAA Secretary for inclusion in the TMAA Online Discount Book.

TMAA Executive Committee

TMAA is governed by an Executive Committee that consists of elected members from all areas of the plant and a liaison.  To reflect the voice of all team members, committee members represent all shifts and plant areas.

The committee meets monthly to discuss team members’ suggestions and to plan activities and events.